Jennifer Sevin

Jen 7 spotted a salamander.

Jen 7 spotted a salamander.

My job: Underworld Explorer

Real title:  Biodiversity Conservation Biologist, Center for Conservation Education and Sustainability, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Education:  B.S. Environmental Science from FIU; M.S. in Zoology from NCSU; Ph.D. candidate GMU

How I help save sallies:  My main goal is to link science, management and education.  In my job, I have the opportunity to conduct amphibian related training for undergraduate students, graduate students and professionals.  In my spare time, I conduct field research to help bridge science and management.  My current research involves studying the endangered Shenandoah salamander (Plethodon shenandoah) in Shenandoah National Park.  I am exploring factors that are or may impact its distribution, such as habitat and competition.

Best salamander story:  When I was a master’s student, I took it upon myself to learn how to identify Appalachian salamanders, but quickly found it to be a hard task as the salamanders I was catching did not look like the ones in the field guides.  In a complete panic, I went to the famous Dr. Jim Petranka at UNCA.  He “schooled” me on how to identify salamanders properly and to this day I am in debt to him.


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