Go Behind-the-Scenes to Help Salamanders!

FlyerSign up for a tour of the National Zoo’s Reptile Discovery Center and 100% of the proceeds will go towards a new, super-salamander exhibit.

What makes it super? We’re recreating a natural slice of an Appalachian mountaintop, complete with lush vegetation, mossy waterfalls, and a colorful array of salamanders. With 2 million visitors to the zoo each year, this exhibit will help inspire lots of people to protect both salamanders and their beautiful mountain habitats.

Tour details are below.



 P.S. Despite the tour location, salamanders are not reptiles. They are amphibians like frogs. Learn more salamander facts here.



  1. Stan Abremski says:

    When is the next (Herp) a Behind the scenes tour?

    • Kimberly Terrell says:

      Hi Stan,
      I’m not sure if the staff at Reptile Discovery Center are still offering tours for sale, but they are always doing tours for donors. I’ll send you an email with information about who to contact to find out. Thanks for the comment!


  2. anna kim says:

    Is there a contact for hellbenders in WV at the DNR?

    • Kimberly Terrell says:

      I don’t work with any WV DNR folks directly. I suggest calling their main office. Sorry, wish I could be more help.

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