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ZOMBIE TAKEOVER Saturday night at the Haunted Salamander Lab!

Chaos erupted when ZOMBIES and MAD SCIENTISTS faced off Saturday night at the Haunted Salamander Lab. Check out more pictures below, and find out how we finally defeated the zombies!


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Cleopatra, Tom Brady, and Pepe Le Pew stop by during the first night of Boo at the Zoo 2013!

This year’s Boo at the Zoo is off to a great start! From ancient pharaohs to NFL superstars, we had all sorts of creepy and clever visitors at the Haunted Salamander Lab. It was a great opportunity to see our nocturnal salamanders, and to pose with a life-sized hellbender model. Check out the incredible costumes in this slideshow.

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Mad Scientists wrap up their experiments as the hurricane blows in.

Mad Scientist at the National Zoo's Haunted Salamander Lab.

The winds picked up during the final, frightening night of Boo at the Zoo. But visitors braved the weather to visit the Haunted Salamander Lab and meet our nocturnal hellbenders. As hurricane Sandy rolled in, the mad scientists mixed the last of their potions and completed their bizarre experiments.


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Ladybugs, Pirates and Hellbenders, Oh My!

Ladybugs love hellbenders!

What a night! We had all sorts of fantastic creatures crawl into the Haunted Salamander Lab – vikings, ladybugs, GI Joes, pirates, bats and more. Visitors posed with a life-sized hellbender model and got to see the lab’s young (3-year old), resident hellbenders swimming at peak activity.

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Visitors get a close encounter with the National Zoo’s elusive hellbenders!

The first night of Boo at the Zoo was full of mad scientists, creepy costumes and spooky salamanders! As the sun set and the lab grew darker, our sleepy hellbenders wiggled out from under their rocks to greet the ‘morning’. Read more